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Comainer will help you reach better rankings and traffic

  • Your own crawler with Comainer

    Now you can search the internet seeking high authority domains available to be registered. The best way to build a strong PBN – save time and tons of money in auctions!

    • Crawl a existing domain
    • Crawl SERPs by Keyword
  • Find Domains your competition can't

    You can replicate the link profile of your competitors and get similar links. Only a strong PBN will make your business stand out from the crowd and reach #1

Comainer is your own Domain Crawler

Start finding high quality dropped domains and building quality and powerful backlinks

  • Find Domains by URL

    Comainer will look availables domains with a link from the selected website. Find great link profiles with links from authority domains in your niche

Get top tierd links now

Find expired domains with links from authority sites in your niche, relevant blogs or even competitors ranking better than you

  • Find domains by Keyword

    The easiest way to use comainer. Select a keyword you are interested in, and find dropped domains with links from current domains ranking for that specific keyword

Beat your competition

Comainer will look at your keyword, find out the best domains ranking for that specific keyword and look for dropped domains available to register with a link from those domains.



Find available domains with links from the top 100 sites ranking for any keyword, in any country

  • All SEO Metrics at once

    • Domain Authority
    • Page Authority
    • Number of Referal domains
    • Majestic Trust Flow

Filter dropped domains by metrics

Only the best domains will help you rank higher - save hours of searching and checking metrics with Comainer

Access to details metrics to pick only the best domains

  • Why Comainer is different to other dropped services?

    With Comainer, you seek for available domains. It is your own crawler.

    Other competitors just add expired domains to a common database, and all clients are looking at the same data, the same domains. It is always too late to spot the good ones and you end up with average and low quality opportunities.

    With Comainer, you rule the crawler, you will find hidden gems still not available to the public.


  • Own your own crawler
  • Find untapped dropped domains
  • Quick metrics checkout
  • Crawl starting from a domain or a keyword
  • No contracts - cancel anytime

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